Media Monitors tracks millions of radio commercials every day - in all the major markets. Media Monitors Radio Spot Data is accredited by the Media Ratings Council (MRC) demonstrating our demand for accuracy and transparency.

Media Monitors Radio service provides expenditure information with AdRev®, so you'll be able to access an estimate of campaigns expenditures based on radio airplay. And with Audience Reaction®, you will be able to see a minute-by-minute analysis of audience behavior like never before.

You can access detailed local radio occurrence, generate instant sales leads, verify ad campaigns and create competitive intelligence reports.

Identify hundreds of new advertisers and commercials every day. Broadcast TV gives you occurrence and expenditure information. See and hear the creative on any spot. With Broadcast TV, we provide both local and Network Spots. With our TV service, you can track advertising activity across Broadcast TV stations in one or multiple markets.

Media Monitors Network TV gives you occurrence information for all over the air broadcast TV networks, including all major Hispanic Networks. Information can be tracked by Account, Parent, and Category. Our computers automatically track millions of recurring commercials 24/7, 365 days a year. Our data is unmatched in speed and accuracy - current to within 1 hour of real time.

Media Monitors lets you know what Cable advertising ran both locally and on major Cable networks. In many of our markets we also monitor Regional News and Regional Sports networks. You can review a log of aired spots and watch the creative. Track information by Account, Parent, and Category. Media Monitors Local Cable data is immediate, actionable and current to within one hour of airing.

Our Local Cable service helps you identify prospects for new business, increase your profitability from existing clients and improve accountability. It’s a powerful tool for tracking competitive advertising.

Imagine having access to local advertiser intelligence across hundreds of local websites every day. Track specific local online web properties in your market and see display and pre-roll advertising. Accurately know the in-market competitive use of Internet by locally targeted web sites. From our data collection stations physically located in each market, we collect, identify and deliver the data to our clients via a user friendly online interface.

We deliver instances within 24 hours of when the ad ran. See account name, parent, category, instance counts, ad size, and file type (.jpg, .swf, etc.) of each ad that ran. We also include Local and National account differentiation and we collect IAB standard display ads, as well as non-IAB standards.

Newspaper ad tracking captures print advertisements that appear in weekday, weekend and Sunday editions of major market newspapers. We show you the page number, relative size of the newspaper ads and view the actual creative.

With Media Monitors Newspaper service, you’ll be able to generate instant sales leads and make powerful decisions with current information.

MM Insights Automotive is an analytics platform designed specifically for dissecting automotive advertising messages at the most granular level allowing brilliant insights to be extracted for competitive analysis, media planning, and message optimization. Advertisers, dealerships, and agencies can dive deep into the specifics of advertising strategies for campaigns run on TV, local cable, and radio.

Observe creative messaging trends and occurrence activity over any period of time for your competitive set. Distinguish between brand (awareness) vs. retail (financial incentive) messaging and drill down into the specifics of the financial offers. Track campaigns on a daily basis qualitatively, and quantitatively using a variety of measures such as ad spend, impressions, occurrence, and unique creative counts. Analyze campaigns of competitors by comparing messages, attributes, financial offers, lease vs. buy mix, and many other dimensions. Analyze data at the manufacturer level, or nameplate level, or if you want more specificity go all the way to the engine size or fuel type.

Media Monitors introduces MM Direct Response, a powerful way for you to know more about your direct response advertising campaigns on Local Radio, Local TV and Local Cable. With MM Direct Response there’s no need to spend money on watermarking. You get both competitive intelligence and powerful verification of what you ran without the complications.

We capture spot data for every commercial aired so that you can break them out by specific information, such as promo codes or phone numbers. You can even watch or listen to your spots online. MM Direct Response lets you compare Direct Response and non-Direct Response advertising so that you can negotiate the complete competitive landscape.

Find out how an account or media outlet is performing within a category. The category can be viewed by using custom quantiles (regular intervals) to rank the accounts or media outlets.

Use the Daypart Analysis Dashboard to compare share of standard broadcast dayparts by account or media outlet. See if an account or media outlet is heavy (or light) in specific dayparts or check which daypart a competitor is dominating. Drill down on a daypart to find the account or media outlet distribution for the daypart of the current and previous period. Analyze how the account or media outlet distributions compare between these two periods; or track advertising activity of accounts over time, by month, in the past two years. Use the Trend Analysis dashboard to study trends for an account’s and competitor’s activity over a period of time and may reveal insights into a competitor’s strategy as well as show patterns for seasonal effects, or use the classic 80/20 rule to discover what accounts are responsible for 80% of Ad Revenue in a market for a category.